Do Not Consume These Food Items Empty Stomach

Health is Wealth. Good health is the biggest blessing you can have. 

Weak health not only effect our day to day life but it can also hinder in achieving your goals and dreams. Your body will not coincide with your mind and heart if you are not healthy enough. If you want to make fullest of your life, you have to have a healthy lifestyle.
To have a healthy lifestyle, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed. Apart from regular exercise, eating healthy and in the right way is also very important. 
There are some food items which makes our body very acidic, acidic body leads to diseases so these food items must be avoided an empty stomach.

The day should always start with warm glasses of water to kick-start the body for good metabolism, and digestion. 

Now, let's talk about the things needs to avoid empty stomach:

1. TEA OR COFFEE: Never take tea or coffee empty stomach. Tea and coffee are very acidic and can cause stomach discomfort.

2. CARBONATED DRINKS: These drinks contain rich amount of carbonate acid which can cause nausea if taken empty stomach.

3. TOMATO: Eating tomato empty stomach can cause digestive problems and can also lead to stone formation.

4. MEDICINE: Doctors always advise to take medicine after taking meal because taking medicine empty stomach can cause an imbalance in the body and can also cause stomach ulcer.

5. ALCOHOL: Alcohol consumption is not good for health at any time but consuming alcohol empty stomach can lead to even serious digestive and other issues.

6. SPICY FOOD: Eating spicy food empty stomach can cause stomach pains and irritation due to the amount of acid in spicy food.

7. YOGURT: Yogurt is very good for health but eating yogurt empty stomach can cause stomach pain.

8. BANANA: Eating banana empty stomach can cause an imbalance of calcium and magnesium in the body. The acidic nature of banana can also cause stomach discomfort.

9. SWEET POTATO: Eating sweet potato can cause a problem with gastric acids and leads to stomach discomfort and heartburn.

10. RAW VEGETABLES: Raw veggies are very good for health. however, if eaten empty stomach, they can cause heartburn and abdominal pain.


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