How To Use Mint For Its Maximum Health Benefits

Mint is a very popular herb for its health benefits and its flavor in tea & food. Mint has antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, diuretic and mild analgesic properties.

Everyone should have a pot of mint in their home. You just need to have a little plant in a pot and in no time it will grow and cover the whole area. Easy to grow with unlimited benefits. Fresh mint leaves from your garden can cure almost every little ailment.

Adding mint leaves in any recipe can bring fresh flavor and help with digestion.

Mint leaves, mint juice, and mint oil can cure following ailments.

1. Aids in Digestion: Mint juice+ lemon Juice+ ginger in a glass of water can help with any digestion issues. Honey/agave/brown sugar and salt can also be added to taste.
Mint chutney is also very good for digestion. To make mint chutney you need 1 tomato+ 1 small onion+ fresh mint leaves+ 1/2 Lemon+ 1tsp. cumin seed+ 1 green chili & salt to taste, grind these all ingredient well and enjoy with any meal. You can also add some green mango or peach for taste.

2. Promotes Hair Growth: Mix mint oil with some coconut oil or olive oil, massage it on your scalp well. Leave it on for few minutes and wash your hair. Mint oil can cure any scalp infection and thus promote hair growth.
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3. Help in Painful Periods: Drinking boiled mint leaves water can help in painful periods. But during a heavy period, it should be avoided.

4. Help Ease Nausea: Drinking Mint+ lemon juice+ ginger in a glass of water can help with nausea.

5. Help With Diarrhea: Mint+ Lemon juice+ Ginger in a glass of water can help with diarrhea.

6. Helps To Lower The Fever: Boil few mint leaves in water & drink it for lowering the fever.

7. Mint Mask Can Cure Acne: Make a fine paste of mint leaves and lemon juice, apply it on your face. Leave it for few minutes and rinse your face with warm water.
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8. Helps With Stomachache: Lemon juice+ mint juice+ Ginger Juice+ salt  & Pepper to taste.

9. Cure Headaches: Drinking mint water and applying the mint paste or mint oil on the forehead for few minutes can help with headaches.

10. Promote Weightloss: Drink this herbal tea two times a day & lose weight.

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11. Help in Detox: Above mentioned tea will help in liver detox also. Regular consumption of lemon juice with mint can also promote detox.

12. Mouth Freshener: Chewing fresh mint leaves will freshen the mouth right away. Gargle with mint water twice a day or whenever needed.

13. Reduce Depression And Fatigue: Drinking mint tea and massaging with mint oil can help with depression & fatigue.

14. Help To Ease Asthma Symptoms: Regular consumption of mint in any natural way can help with asthma symptoms.

15. Works For Muscle Pain: Sipping mint tea can relax muscle pain, applying mint oil on the affected area can also help.


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