5 Easy Steps To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Losing weight is a challenge and maintaining the desired weight is even a bigger challenge.

On the journey to lose weight, you mostly know what you need to follow to accomplish the desired goal like calorie intake, exercise, controlling the carbs and sugar etc. but when it comes to maintaining the weight, it's complicated. You might end up losing more weight that will make you look unhealthy or you might gain those pounds back.

Once the goal is accomplished, there are two type of reactions: the first reaction is when we are afraid to start eating a regular good diet which our body definitely need after following a strict diet plan and we are also scared of decreasing the time in the gym & keep pushing the body and in result we harm the body either way. The second reaction is when soon as we hit our goal, we become lazier and lazier and we want to enjoy food and have fun, skip the gym or exercise and start gaining weight again.

In both cases, it's hard to maintain weight, either you will lose too much weight or you will gain weight back. So here are 5 easy healthy tips to follow that will help you maintaining weight while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

1. Water: Yes, can't do without it & I can't stress enough about it. Water is important not only for weight control but for overall health so 8 glasses of water in a day is a must. But how to drink water in a right way, that's the key.

  • 2 glasses of warm water very first thing in the morning to kick start your body's metabolism and digestion. You can also add lemon and honey to your water.
  • 1 glass of warm water, 40 minutes after every meal so you should be drinking at least 3 glasses of water after meals.

 So now you already know how & when to drink 5 glass of warm water and rest 3 glasses of water you can drink whenever your body feels the need.

2. Carbohydrates And Fats: While on the journey to lose weight, you must have cut your carbs, that's what most of us do. But as you know our body needs carbs for energy so eventually you will have to start adding carbs to your diet for a good healthy life.

  • Start adding healthy forms of carbs and healthy fats in your diet like brown bread, brown rice, nuts, healthy oils and eat your carbs at breakfast and lunch. 
  • Keep your dinner carbs free or very less portion of the carbs that will help in maintaining the weight.

3. Desserts And Drink: The Same thing goes for dessert, enjoy your dessert at lunch, not at dinner.

Try to stick to natural sweets like fruits but if not then fix 2 days in a week for the dessert treat. Having sugar every day is not going to be the best choice while trying to maintain weight. Stay away from carbonated or any sweet drinks. Sweet drinks are really bad for whole health and can really make you gain weight quickly.

  • Green tea with honey is a very good option for a sweet drink.
  • Buttermilk with honey or agave is also a good choice once in a while.
  • Fruit smoothies are the best.

4. Lemon Juice:  While lemonade is another healthy solution for a sweet drink, it also helps in detoxifying the body. You can have lemonade with agave or honey in it.

  • Lemonade once a day is very good for our health, digestion, and metabolism so one glass of lemonade is a must.
  •  Add some mint leaves and ginger pieces in your lemonade, let it sit in the fridge and enjoy the refreshing drink.
  •  Lemonade with a pinch of salt and black pepper is also very good for digestion.

5. Exercise: You don't need to over push yourself now since you have hit your goal but you should
definitely, go for 30 minutes of walk or any kind of exercise regularly.

  • 30 minutes of walk is a good lifestyle change and refreshing at the same time. Staying active is good for health.
  • 30 minutes of yoga is also very beneficial for mind and body.
  • You can always alternate your days with different exercises and activities for 30 minutes a day and keep yourself active & healthy.

Follow these simple rules in your life and enjoy a healthy life.


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