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Find Out Functions And Food Sources of Major Vitamins And Minerals

Our body needs vitamins and minerals to run effectively. There are almost 30 vitamins, minerals, and
dietary components that our body needs to function and can't make on its own. All the different vitamin, minerals are required by our body for different functions inside the body. Some vitamins and minerals are easily available in our food sources and some vitamins are not that easy to get but they are crucial for our body.

To get the most vitamin & minerals naturally, we should eat a well-balanced diet. Our food and vegetables mostly have lots of vitamins and minerals but the way we cook, process or preserve our food, its value change, and our body doesn't get what it needs to function effectively. Therefore sometimes we have to take vitamins pills and supplements along with well-balanced diet in order to help our body work efficiently.

So in this article, you will get information about the function of different vitamins and minerals in our body and their food sources.


5 DIY Natural Hair Masks For Healthy Hair

Having beautiful locks is everyone's dream and we all face some kind of issue regarding our hair every now & then. It could be dry and damaged hair, split-ends, dandruff or hair fall. There can be many reasons for hair problems like our environment, our diet, health issues, or over-styling of hair (A Quick List Of 20 Common Causes of Hair Fall).

Even if you already have beautiful healthy hair, you still have to take care of your hair to maintain them. So there are many hair products and masks available in stores filled with chemicals. They do guarantee to cure all kind of hair problems but results are often not what they claim and we often end up spending money and trying different products with no results. So here are some natural homemade hair masks which are easy to make, ingredients are easily available & edible which make them very safe. Give these masks a good try for one month or so & enjoy the healthy results.
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These hair masks are…