The Technique And Benefits Of Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is an old Ayurvedic technique for healthy gums, teeth, skin, and body. Oil pulling is simple oral detoxification technique in which you swish the good quality edible oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes to get rid of toxins and bacteria from your mouth and body. Cleanliness of teeth is very important for clean skin and body. Our mouth is full of good and bad microbes and from our mouth, these bad microbes enter into our body and cause infection and diseases. That's why we need extra care for our teeth and gums.

Why Oil Pulling? I know, this is the common question everybody asks. And you are right. If you do regular brushing, dental flossing and use mouthwash, why do you need Oil Pulling? Well, oil pulling not only targets teeth and gums like brushing and flossing but it also targets the whole body.

Here's the list of benefits Of Oil Pulling:
1. Cure Bad Breath
2. Healthy Gums
3. Remove Plaque
4. Cure Gingivitis 
5. Reduce Dental Cavities
7. Remove Toxins From Vital Organs
8. Improve Digestion By Getting Rid Of Bad Bacteria
9. Prevent Heart Problem
10. Facial Exercise 
11. Reduce Wrinkles and Tightens the Jaw ( Oil Pulling Involves All The Facial Muscles Which Helps In Getting Rid Of Wrinkles)
12. Glowing Face Beautiful Skin By Getting Rid Of Toxins

Procedure: Oil pulling is not that tough as it sounds. It is a simple technique, do this first thing in the morning empty stomach. Take 1-2 tsp of the best edible oil you have in your mouth and swish it around in all directions, suck and pull it through teeth and gums for 10-20 minutes. Once done spit it out. If you are starting for the first time try to give fewer minutes and then increase the time gradually.

Which Oil To Use For Oil Pulling? The most popular oil for oil pulling is coconut oil. You can also use sesame oil, olive oil, and mustard oil. Mustard oil is the best if you want to target bad breath and any gums problem. But the most effective for overall health is coconut oil.

1. Don't go over 20 minutes. You do not want to move bacteria in your mouth for that long.
2. Do not gargle. Gargle can make you swallow the oil.
3. After Spitting, rinse your mouth with warm water and then brush your teeth nicely.
4. Make sure you are using good edible oil the oil you are not allergic to.

After using this technique for one month, you will start seeing results with bad breath, teeth gums problem and digestion. Good Luck!


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