Symptoms, Causes And Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is most commonly found health problem in adults, teens, and children. Blood pressure is the force of blood flow on arteries. When it's too high, it causes damage to the arteries and heart. Untreated or ignored high blood pressure can cause serious health problems like stroke, heart diseases, eyes problem, blood clot, brain hemorrhage and kidney problems. Normal blood pressure is Systolic 120/ diastolic 80. Systolic 120-139 and diastolic 80-89 is considered Prehypertension and from systolic 140 & above and diastolic 89 & above consider high blood pressure.

People who notice regular high blood pressure should definitely start consulting your doctor before it starts hurting your major organs.


1. Headache
2. Nausea
3. Vomiting
4. Nausea, Vomiting & Headache together
5. Blurred Vision
6. Dizziness
7. Heart Palpitation
8. Shortness Of Breath
9. Redness In Eyes

People who normally suffer from regular high blood pressure, they can easily tell you right after eating something too salty or fried that their blood pressure is going up. And if it is ignored for a longer time & left untreated, body get so used to these conditions that person stops feeling any difference until it's too late. So if you have any of these above conditions on regular basis, please start taking care of your body.


1. Smoking
2. Stress
3. Too Much Salt Intake 
4. Too Much Caffeine Intake
5. Too Much Fried Food
6. Over Alcohol Consumption
7. Genetics
8. Being Overweight
9. Lack of Exercise
10. Family History of High Blood Pressure
11. Thyroid Disorders 
12. Certain Allergy
13. Chronic Disease
14. Drugs


1.Regular exercise is the first change you want to bring in your life.

2. Use only Olive oil if you can.

3. Switch to Sea Salt and also avoid too much salt intake.

4. Smoking is bad for your health so just quit it already.

5. Keep your coffee intake 1 cup a day only.

6. Avoid too much meat & dairy.

7. Avoid too much alcohol.

8. Stay away from food you are allergic to.

9. Try not to stress too much, I know it's easy to say than done but stress is the major cause of high blood pressure.

10. If you have any chronic disease, take care of it, consult your doctor on regular basis and get a regular checkup done.

11. If you are suffering from the thyroid problem, it needs to be taken care of too.
Together high blood pressure and hypothyroid can cause serious damage to major organs specially Kidneys.


1. Garlic has very powerful antioxidants like selenium, Vitamin C, and Allicin and acts as a blood thinner & help in high blood pressure. Eat 2-3 garlic cloves empty stomach every day.

2. Switch to sea salt & decrease the amount of salt intake.

3. A mixture of 1 tsp Amla juice/powder & 1 tsp honey can help in lowering blood pressure.

4. If blood pressure is too high, take half glass lemon juice every 2 hours, it should lower already elevated blood pressure.

5. Eating bitter gourd on regular basis can also control regular high blood pressure condition.

6. Mix Fennel seed powder, Cumin seeds powder & brown sugar in equal amounts. Take 1 tsp of this mixture and add in one glass of water. Drink this two times a day.

7. Ginger juice or ginger with a little bit of black pepper taken in morning can also help you with high blood pressure.

8. Spinach and Carrot juice is also very helpful for people with high blood pressure.

9. Eat watermelon for breakfast, you can also add watermelon seeds in your salad.

10. Flaxseed can also help in lowering blood pressure.

11. Banana is also good for high blood pressure.

12. Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q 10, Magnesium, Omega-3 fats are some supplements that can help in lowering High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure is a serious condition if not taken care properly. People normally take it lightly, like if they have regular headaches they just keep taking medicine for a headache and go on. But they don't realize that medicine can control a headache for that time but it can not control the effects that high blood pressure is putting on their arteries. Prolonged effect of high blood pressure is very serious. If it's not taken care in early stages, it starts damaging the major organs.

If you don't have high blood pressure, start taking precaution already so it doesn't happen. If it runs in your family, be extra careful. Try natural remedies first, along with walking and exercise before going with medical drugs. Once you start taking those medications, your body will get so used to them and you'll become dependent on them. If you are already too late then doctor visit is must and eat your medication regularly and also keep trying natural remedies. You can always reverse High Blood Pressure condition with your lifestyle changes and natural remedies.

Don's Take Too Much Stress. Never Lose Hope. Enjoy Every Moment Of Life. Stay Healthy. Good Luck.


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