Magical Hope and 8 Reasons Why We All Need It

"HOPE " such a small word and contains the meaning of whole life in it. Hope is contagious, we all should have it and spread it. We all need hope at some point in time. Life has never been easier on anyone, it happens to us all at some point. And when it happens, we break, we cry, we shatter and the only thing that keeps us alive is HOPE.

"We Must Accept finite Disappointments, But Never Lose Infinite Hope" by Martin Luther King Jr.

So here's 8 reason to never lose infinite Hope

1. Hope Makes You Strong Fighter: when we face disappointments in life it breaks our heart, we become weak. It seems like this is it! I can't take it anymore then there comes "Hope". When your failure take over and your heart wants to just give up, then there is only one thing that helps you in going on and that is HOPE. Hope wants you to fight back and don't give up so easily. Once you let the HOPE in, you become strong again and ready to fight any disappointments.

2. Hope makes Life Easier: Everybody face struggles in life. The grass always looks greener on the other side, you just never have been on the other side. Your struggles could be different and at a different time of life from others, sooner or later, could be with money, love, family, children or fame but everybody faces it.

You can make life harder by giving up hope and thinking that this is only happening to you and it is never going to be over but "No",  It will be over soon as you have hope in your heart and you stop looking on the other side. Life is much harder and meaningless if you lose hope. And if you live with a hope of better things, life will become easier.

3. Hope Shows Us The Path And Make Us A Learner: When you start having hope, you automatically start looking for answers and the ways things need to be done in hope of making everything right. So hope shows you the paths that need to be followed. With the hope of success or achievement of your goal, you will try new things, search new things, contact new people to know more about the stuff you need to know and eventually you become a learner by learning everything in hope.
"There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure." by Colin Powell

4. Hope Leads To Faith: Where there is hope, there is faith. where there is faith, miracles happen. When you start having hope and start fighting with the struggle you are dealing with, you will try different things and eventually you will start getting some answers which lead you to have faith and not to give up.
Hope & Faith Are The Two Wings To Success.

5. Hope Brings Happiness and sends Negative Thoughts Away: Your mind is very evil sometimes. When you see failure or you lose someone or something very dear to you, it starts bringing all the negative thoughts and negative feelings and that's when you need to bring your Hope high and hope will automatically take over those all negative thoughts and feelings. Hope keeps you going and exploring and keep you trying to get the things done right.

There is this law of nature "If you don't give up, don't lose hope, life will find its way to make it all right for you" which will eventually bring happiness in your life.

6. Hope Gives Freedom: Hope is the only way to freedom. People will tell you so many things about your wrong choices you have made or try to tell you that how late you are for certain things in your life but you know in your heart that you have tried your best and you will keep trying with hope. And if you haven't tried hard enough, this is the time, don't lose hope, you will make it happen.

Hope is like Sun, it casts the shadow of burdens behind us. With hope, you only move forward towards your goal, your freedom.

7. Hope Makes you Fearless: Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness. If you lose hope, all kind of fears will start taking over your heart & body. And soon as you let the hope in your heart, fears starts running away from you. Because if there is hope, there is no place for fear.
The only thing stronger than Fear is Hope.

8. Hope Makes You A Successful Hero: Life never remains the same and if you are a fighter you will take over your failures or breakdown and people will see when you stand up again and look into their eyes and say "yes, I did it! I didn't give up and I never lose hope". Then those, who know your story, will call you a "Hero" and if not on your face, in their heart they will know that you made it. If You have hope, and you are ready to fight than success is on your way. 

We see failures in our lives sometimes not because we did something terribly wrong or some higher power is mad at us but only because that higher power or Universe has some better plans for us.



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