How To Treat Anemia And Hair Fall

One of the common causes of hair fall is Anemia. Anemia is the condition when a person is deficient If you are suffering from hair fall for a long time, you might be anemic. There can be many reasons for you being anemic. If you are on dieting, not eating properly and your body is not getting enough nutrients then you might be Iron deficient. You also have more chances of being anemic if you are a vegetarian.
in iron and have low hemoglobin.

Women suffer from anemia more than men because of blood loss during the period. Women with conditions like uterine fibroids, uterine infection and hormone imbalance are generally anemic because of heavy blood loss. Hair fall and Anemia are very much related so you need to take care of anemia if you are suffering from persistent hair fall.

So Here's the list of some symptoms that will tell you if you are anemic:
1. Always Tired
2. Easily Fatigue
3. Whiter Nails Rather Than Pink 
4. Soft, Thin & Brittle Nails
5. Yellow Skin Tone
6. Yellowish Eyes
7. Dizziness And Low Blood Pressure
8. Leg Cramps
9. Irritability
10. Loss Of Memory
11. Headaches, Heavy Head
12. Lack Of Concentration
13. Insomnia
14. Loss Of Appetite

Here's the list of some effects of anemia on your hair
1. Split ends
2. Lacking Shine
3. Stop Hair Growth
4. Too Much Hair Fall

Start eating Iron Rich Food and you will start seeing results very soon. Let's discuss some iron-rich food that you can add to your diet and take care of anemia.

1. Beet Root
2. Spinach & Green Leafy Vegetables
3. Pomegranate
4. Broccoli
5. lentils And Beans
6. Tomatoes
7. Coriander
8. Red Meat
9. Liver
10. Fish
11. Oyster
12. Jaggery
13. Black Strap Molasses
14. Whole Grains
15. Dark Chocolate
16. Raisins And Almonds

And also add Biotin, Iron, and Folic Acid Supplements in your diet for better and quick results. Cooking in iron utensils can also help in anemia by absorbing iron traces from the utensils. If the hair fall is severe, you must consult your doctor. Good Luck.


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