Get Rid Of Stress Before It Takes Over You With These Few Tips

Our life has been so busy, fast and demanding that we all suffer stress at some point of time and some
people experience this emotion more than others.There is no one on this planet who doesn't deal with stress. Not only adults, but children also go through this emotion for different reasons. There are so many different reasons for stress in our lives, it could be career, study, love, relationship, family, kids, job, fame or health.

Stress is so harmful to our whole body that it only brings health problems and negativity and we all need to learn how to control it and get rid of it.

So here's the list of some tips that I have learned over time and have been helping me with my life's stressful situations.

1. Yoga and Meditation: Yoga is mind-body practice and it brings your physical and mental
emotions in line. When you do deep breathing exercises in yoga, you learn to control your mind and body. When you accompany meditation with yoga it brings calmness to your mind and brings you in present positive feelings. So while doing yoga, you are not only targeting the whole physical body but also your mind which helps in decreasing stress.

2.Regular Exercise: Regular exercise is not only helpful for your heart, blood pressure and in losing weight but it also helps you in dealing with stress by releasing a chemical called Endorphin. Thus exercise make you feel happy by reducing stress.

3. Talk To Your Friends And Family: If you are taking stress over anything, you need to talk about it. There is no reason to hurt your body, increasing blood pressure and having heart problems by overthinking about things that can be discussed with your friends and family. By discussing your problem with someone you trust, you will feel much lighter and you might get a solution to that problem.

4. Forget & Forgive: If you have any conflicts, any problem with somebody important in your life and you are avoiding that person and stressing over your relationship. Go and talk to that person, just forget the differences and forgive. If that situation giving you stress, you are only punishing yourself. So clear the situation, it will really pull out the stress from your life. "The weak can never forgive, Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong" by Mahatma Gandhi.

5. Let Go of The Past: If your past is holding you back and giving you stress, please let go of it and believe me it will let go of you as well. By holding the past, and thinking about it all the time, you will only go back and never be able to move forward. The Past is gone, nothing can be changed so plan for the future and live in present with no regrets.

6. Find A Hobby: Find a hobby to get yourself busy. When you are doing something that you like and it involves your brain, you won't have time to think and take the stress.

7. Be Organize: Organizing and writing small notes in your diary or sticky notes on your fridge will help you in remembering the things you need to do next day, and you won't be worrying and stressing over the things for coming tomorrow.

8. Be Yourself:  "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken" by Oscar Wilde. You can not please or make everyone happy and you do not need to fake yourself to make friends. Be real what you are and you will have a happy life. Remember, nobody can pretend for a long time, so relax and be yourself. Don't take stress over making friends or to find inexplicable reasons for a certain person not liking you. Enjoy your life with your ways.

9. Read Positive Quotes: This one is my absolute favorite. Download an app, subscribe a channel, follow somebody who sends positive quotes every day or just read one by yourself but start doing this. A good positive thought can bring an instant hope and precious smile on your face and take away your unnecessary stress.

"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so"

10. Avoid Negative Thoughts and Negative People: It is hard to avoid negative thoughts when you are dealing with a certain painful situation but negative thoughts can never change anything if something is meant to be. Negative thoughts will only bring more stress and tensions. Keep yourself busy, stay away from negative people, go out with your family and friends who support you in the situation you are going through and not who enjoys the painful situation you are in. A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

11. Get Some Good sleep: Good sleep is must. When you are under stress,
your body and mind need good rest so drink a hot glass of milk or chamomile tea  or any drink you prefer and get some good sleep. Remember, you can stress much as you want, things are not going to change by you taking stress, but yes! you will get wrinkles and start premature aging by over stress along with multiple health issues soon, if you don't stop it. So make a better choice.

12. Watch Some Good Comedies : You can never go wrong with this one. Watch a light, nice comedy. It will calm your brain and enhance your mood.

13. Eat Healthy And Delicious Food: Nothing can calm your brain and make you happier more than a nice delicious food. We all love food. Food help to release happy hormones inside us so enjoy and indulge in a good meal.

14. Stay Strong And Stop Self-Pity: Do not sit on a couch and cry over things. Stop self-pity and blaming others or God for the situations you are in. Self-Pity is very addictive, and it blinds you from the reality and weakens you. When you are in a stressful situation, you need to be strong and think of how to get out of that situation and not to cry and give up so easily to the situation. So stay Strong. Self-pity is our worst enemy, if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world" by Helen Keller.


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