Discover The 10 Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses is a dark brownish, thick, sweet syrup obtained during the process of extraction of sugar from sugar cane. It is the by-product of the process of making sugar. When the sugar cane juice is boiled to get crystallized sugar, there is a foamy thick syrup is made on the top and that is molasses. They separate this thick syrup every time they repeat the process. This process gets repeated three times for the maximum extraction of sugar and the final syrup that is made from the third boiling of the sugar cane juice is the darkest and is called Blackstrap Molasses.

There are two types of blackstrap molasses: Sulphured and unsulphured. During the process of making sugar, sometimes Sulfur Dioxide is added to the juice for the longer preservation of sugar so when the Blackstrap Molasses is separated they have sulfur in it and is called sulphured blackstrap molasses. When it is made without sulphur dioxide, it is labeled as unsulphured blackstrap molasses.
Black Strap Molasses also known as BSM has gained it's publicity for a while now for the benefits it serves. It is rich in iron and filled with vitamins and minerals which make them super beneficial for us. Blackstrap molasses is a natural substitute for white sugar, you can add this in your breakfast, cereals, tea or any hot drinks.

Here's the list of  health benefits of blackstrap molasses:

1. Anemia: When the person has low blood count or is iron deficient, he is considered anemic. Being anemic is a serious health issue as it affects our whole body. If you are anemic you suffer from extreme fatigue, headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, hair fall, and lack of concentration, but you can easily recover from it by adding iron-rich food in your diet along with Blackstrap molasses. BSM is a very rich source of iron which makes it a good diet addition for an anemic person.

2. Healthy Hair And Glowy Skin: Blackstrap molasses is a rich source of iron and which helps with iron deficiency and better circulation of blood in body and scalp and thus helps with healthy hair and beautiful skin.

3. Healthy Bones: Blackstrap molasses is a rich source of calcium & Magnesium which helps with bone strength. We lose calcium every day from our body through sweating or urination. It is hard to make calcium back if we do not eat enough calcium-rich food. Blackstrap molasses also has copper, iron, and manganese in it which also helps in maintenance of bones. Manganese helps with absorption of calcium thus blackstrap molasses is a great addition to our diet.

4. Arthritis: Arthritis is a condition of inflammation and stiffness of bones. Bones and joints start hurting and giving pain. Blackstrap molasses is loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for bones strength helps in reducing the inflammation and joint pain.

5. Healthy Heart: For our heart to be healthy, it is very important to have normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol. Blackstrap molasses is a rich source of potassium which helps in balancing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol and thus help & support a healthy heart.

6. Relieves PMS Symptoms: Blackstrap molasses is a rich source of iron which helps with the iron deficiency and blood loss during periods. By providing enough iron to the body, it also helps with mood swings and depression that comes with the period because of blood loss and decreased oxygen supply to the brain. Blackstrap molasses is loaded with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and manganese which helps with the menstrual cramps and maintains uterine health.

7. Headaches And Migraines: Blackstrap molasses is a rich source of vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, and iron which helps with any iron deficiency and any hormone imbalance in the brain which can cause depression, stress, mood swings or anxiety thus it helps with any headaches and migraines.

8. Good For Diabetes: Blackstrap molasses is a great natural substitute for white sugar thus diabetes patients can use this instead of white sugar. It has a low glycemic index which helps in slower digestion of sugar and thus helps in maintaining blood sugar level. Blackstrap molasses is rich in chromium which helps in balancing blood sugar level.

9. Prevent Cancer: Blackstrap molasses are very rich in antioxidants and helps fight the free radicals and toxins and thus prevent any inflammation and tumor growth.

10. Prevents And Shrink Fibroid: Fibroids grow in an acidic environment and blackstrap molasses being an alkaline, balance out the extra acidity in our body. Blackstrap molasses is an antioxidant which helps in getting rid of toxins from our body. It has been said that blackstrap molasses help in shrinkage of fibroids as it has anti-inflammatory properties in it and helps with any inflammation. If you are already suffering from fibroids and heavy bleeding then you must try blackstrap molasses. Blackstrap molasses is a very rich source of iron and thus help in making blood.

Blackstrap Molasses is a natural product and adding it to our regular diet by substituting sugar is a great addition to a healthy and happy life.


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