20 Health Mistakes We All Make Deliberately

We all try our best to make healthy choices when it comes to eating and drinking. We read different articles, gather information on healthy choices and try to apply it in our life. We also come across certain habits or choices that are bad but we still follow them because of our pace of life. Our life is so busy, we try to do everything in quicker and easier way even when we know that it is wrong.

So here are some Mistakes, we all make deliberately

1. Skipping Breakfast

2. Taking Medication Empty Stomach

3. Warming Uncovered Food In Microwave

4. Standing In Front Of Microwave While It's On

5. Heating Food In Plastic Containers

6. Eating A Day Old food

7. Drinking From Plastic Bottles

8. Cooking In Scratched Utensils

9. Not Using Face Mask Or Gloves While Dealing With Household Products

10. Using Chemical Filled Personal Care Products

11. Overuse Of Hair Styling Products And Tools

12. Sleeping With Makeup On

13. Not Using Sunscreen or UV Protected Shades While Going Out In the Sun

14. Running Outside Between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm When UV Rays Are At Their Peak

15. Binging

16. Keeping Cellphone Near Head While Sleeping

17. Holding Laptop In Lap

18. Watching TV In Dark

19. Watching Two Devices Simultaneously

20. Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs


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