Use Of Copper Utensils And Jewelry Can Prevent You From These Diseases

I have been anemic for many years because of heavy periods and someone told me a year ago, to start anemia. It also has helped me with good digestion and bloating. Copper helps in breaking down of fat better and helps you to eliminate better and thus helps in losing weight also.
drinking water from copper jug/tumbler and also to wear a copper bangle. So, I bought a jug & bracelet and started using it. I am definitely seeing some good results. Copper helps with red blood cells formation and also helps in better absorption of iron in the body so it helps with

My mother sometimes starts having the problem with her skin peeling off from around the fingernails which is really hurtful. So whenever she gets it, she starts wearing a copper ring and it stops her skin from peeling and she swears by it.

So, as I was seeing very promising results, I thought why don't I research on it more and share it on my blog. Apart from the above mention issues, Copper helps in keeping the heart healthy, balance thyroid gland, reduce cholesterol, help in the production of hemoglobin thus cure anemia. It is also very important for healthy growth of your baby while you are pregnant. Copper is also considered to be an important mineral for bone strength. Some people also believe that prolonged use of copper bracelet can cure Arthritis.
Copper is an antioxidant mineral which helps in getting rid of toxins & free radicals from the body thus it is very good for skin problems. It also has anti-aging properties. It helps in the production of elastin, a protein that is found in the elastic connective tissue of our skin hence it helps our skin from sagging and losing elasticity and keep us younger looking and helps with premature aging.

1. Fatigue
2. Skin Rashes
3. Hair loss
4. Thyroid problem
5. Weak bones
6. Arthritis
7. Low Body Temperature
8. High Cholesterol
9. Uneven Heartbeat
10. Anemia

Some good sources of copper are meat, garlic, soy, nuts, oats, almonds, liver, beets, lentils,
blackstrap molasses, oats, whole grains, and oyster. Cooking in copper utensils and drinking from copper jug can also help in getting copper traces. Wearing copper jewelry also a good way to add copper traces in your body through your skin.

It is very easy to get it into a normal routine, you fill the jug with water every night and let it sit overnight to accumulate the traces of copper in the water then drink it empty stomach. It will help you with any digestion issues along with other health problems.

Try some copper jewelry also along with drinking water from the jug for better results. There are so many beautiful bangles, bracelets and rings are available in the stores or online so get some & hopefully you will see some good results very soon.


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