Mysterious Gold And Its Health Benefits

Gold has been known as the metal of Gods from ancient times. If you look at the ancient culture, gold was always popular in jewelry and art. Gold does not corrode, does not react and because of it's bright yellowish color and beauty it became the symbol of immortality, prosperity, and status. They even used to bury gold items with the deceased person as a symbol of person's status. Gold was used in crowns, temples, and tombs. Gold with its malleability also has been used in dental work. The gold threads have been used for fabric embroidery also.

Ancient Egyptian considered gold very divine and indestructible metal and considered it as the flesh of Gods. Egyptian related gold to Sun God "Ra". A Huge amount of gold was also found in the tombs of pharaohs. Gold has also been used and considered important metal by ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, Indian civilization, ancient China and Persia.

History also has been recorded that gold has been used in skin care products and food. Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen was also rumored to use the gold mask.
Today also gold is an expensive, beautiful and valuable metal. Gold is still considered a divine metal so it is still being used in temples, for God or goddess' crowns, jewelry and clothes.

In today's world ladies are more into fashion or costume jewelry but they still like to collect gold jewelry as their valuable possession. In some cultures, gold is offered at the time of weddings. Brides wear gold jewelry because of its value, beauty and it's being considered as a status symbol. Gold jewelry and coins are considered the best gifts at any functions for close family and friends. Some designer clothes and bags also carry golden embroidery.

We all know gold for its beauty, very few of us know that it also has so many medicinal values as rejuvenating properties which help in soothing and calming effect on mind and body. It helps in normalizing the body temperature, helps with anxiety, depression, moods, increases mental alertness. colloidal gold has anti-inflammatory properties that's why it is also being used in the alternative medicine treatment like Ayurveda for certain cancers, cysts, fibroid, skin problems, arthritis, joint pain, digestive problems, kidney problems, thyroid problems and infertility. Gold also is being used in dental work because of its non-reactive nature.
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Gold has anti-aging properties that's why it has been always associated with beautiful and youthful skin.We can find lots of beauty products that claim to have traces of gold.  There are so many gold face masks, creams, serums and facial kits available in the market.

So wearing gold will not only make you look or feel good but also improve your health. It has a soothing effect on the body and in result also improve blood circulation. If you are allergic to different metals, gold is your metal because it never reacts to the skin.

Interestingly in astrology, there are certain rules to wear gold for particular disease or problem. I am only going over some of the famous ones like women should wear a gold ring on left hand and men on right hand. If you have a cold and cough wear it on the little finger. If you want fame wear gold ring in the middle finger. If you get distracted easily, wears it on the index finger for good concentration. If you have marriage problems you should wear a gold chain.

Angry people should avoid gold. you should not wear gold below the waist as it is considered divine and symbol of Gods. Zodiac sign Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius should avoid wearing gold. Capricorn and Libras have to avoid gold. Never mix metals that mean if you are wearing gold, do not wear any other metal.


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